St. Hugh’s Catholic Primary School - We are together for the Roma community

St. Hugh’s Catholic Primary School is one of the schools open for new collaboration.  Here are a big percentage of the Roma children attending classes. The Head teacher in the beginning of the year was worried about how her children will be affected by the Brexit.  This is why we put in connection with the organisation 'the3million' to deliver an event for the Roma parents.  The school was in need to have the correct information and the Roma parents to know that they can find support between the schools.  On 17th of October was organised the session for the Roma parents in the school about EU Settled Status.

Also, Public Health Liverpool contact us to participate in a event organised for the children from St. Hugh’s Catholic Primary School. On 14th of October the immunisation take place. That day was a day of a lot of tears for some children but in the end they go home with a smile because they are brave and they understand that is important for their health to be vaccinated.