New families, new hope in REAP

Two weeks ago we start our “Roma Education Aspiration Project” workshops in GTDT and Kensington Community Learning Centre.

We are glad that we have the opportunity to continue the project and to support Roma families from Liverpool. The first workshops was about to understand what the REAP programme is about and to look at how we have achieved in our previous educational experiences. The second one was about to understand what ‘identity’ is and what it means to us. Our new families enjoyed the start of the project and are happy that they find a place where they can socialize and meet new Roma families.

We identify also the Roma Young People who they start to participate in our sessions. One of the sessions was to show them different career opportunities.

On 5 December the Roma Young People meet the Gypsy Roma Traveller Police Association in Cheshire.  They were happy to meet with Roma role models, Armando one of the participants say “Now that I see a Roma Police Officer I am keen that I can be a cop and my family to be proud of my achievements”