Youth Detached Engagement

Our Detached Youth workers, including Lisa (pictured) and Samy, meet some real characters in the course of their work.

These lovely young people who live near the Webster Triangle off Smithdown Road kept us engaged and entertained. Despite the really cold weather and high winds, everyone was very upbeat and had a laugh with us.

They love the fact that Lisa & Samy walk around all the area, turn up at their school (King's Leadership Academy), introduce them to the Unity Youth Centre and sometimes even turn up at their homes to offer support and guidance to their parents.
Positive engagement with these amazing young people.
Lisa said 'I love these young people, there is no end to their talents. Amongst this group there are freerunners, gymnasts, basketball players, basically jack of all talents. They are all characters, who are always polite and just a pleasure to work with.'