Revised Waste Collections

Below is the text of a letter from Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins, Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member - Environment & Sustainability:

As reported by the Echo this week, councils have had to alter waste collection arrangements to ensure the most needed services can be provided. Many staff are in isolation or unwell, or having to work from home due to health vulnerability, meaning reduced frontline services. Thank you to everyone who is out there providing public and other essential services!

In Liverpool we have had to suspend garden waste collections (green bins here) and across Merseyside our ‘Household Waste Recycling Centres’ are temporarily closed. We do not want to see increased dumping, however, or bonfires leading to issues with air quality. Instead we ask that people compost as much garden waste as possible. Home composting will also utilise kitchen waste (eg uncooked vegetable waste, used tea leaves, etc) which would otherwise go into the residual waste bins (purple ones in Liverpool!) so contributing to overall waste reduction. And it produces compost which can be used to grow food and pollinator-friendly flowers.

An actual ‘compost bin’ is not essential as these can be created quite easily. More info can be found on your council, MRWA or other websites.

These are very difficult times and everyone needs to prioritise staying safe and well. If you are able, then composting is an inexpensive and sustainable way to fertilise your garden, reduces waste and helps both our neighbourhoods and our planet.

Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins