Drowning In Plastic

I’m glad to say that GTDT has been red-hot on recycling for a long time. Here is me drowning in the plastic re-cycling process. You don’t need to suffer this way as the blue bin collections are carrying on, even though all the waste disposal centres are closed due to the Corona virus.

Some time back we held a recycling session for some of the local kids. I told the story of Albi the Albatross, who died from being fed pieces of plastic by his mother that looked like food. An adult albatross can fly several times round the world without touching land, feeding by catching fish (and sadly plastic) by dipping into the sea. We talked about how plastic found its way into the oceans by being dumped and then washed into rivers. One of the young lads asked: ‘Is it our fault?’ He looked ashamed and we had to make it clear that we all contribute to this if we dump plastic. Keep up the recycling.

And the cycling. One of the few plus sides to these scary times is that the roads are relatively clear of cars, so cycling is not only better for the environment, the environment is better for cycling. So, if you can and if you have one; get on your bike. In normal times (whatever they are) I do most things by bike – visiting friends, going to poetry readings, doing the weekly shop (with two panniers and a rucksack), which sadly I can’t now do – though I can still get down to my Dingle Vale allotment, where social distancing is a fact of life, unless you hold parties on your plot.

I think I may be an obsessive recycler as well as ditto cyclist and expect to be buried in a blue bin (though not just yet I hope), or even a green one (being an equally obsessive composter). But, thinking of a Blog to come (My Other Body is a Temple – You Should See the State of It!), it will most likely be Corpy Purple.

Now it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset – actually it’s a full moon tonight, so maybe I’ll do an ET instead!