Keeping in Touch

Many of the members of one of the groups that we regularly engage with through our Community Living Room and Active Riverside at Riverview Development Trust are currently in isolation through their age or health conditions.

I have kept in regular touch with them to make sure they are all keeping well and they are managing their enforced situation . You be glad to hear they are doing well, keeping busy, checking on each other and learning new skills including how to facetime with their children and extended family. They have certainly been an inspiration to myself and I have certainly learnt from them regarding their coping strategies.
As the weeks have passed we have started making plans for the activities that we are going to get involved in when we can all see each other again knowing that for some time it will include social distancing. Eileen who is 85 declared that what keeps her going is the thought of having a good laugh and to share her lockdown stories with her friends at the next get together at Riverview.

Take care & keep safe everyone.