Socialising digitally during isolation

Gibson has been coming to our centre for a number of years, for both learning and socialisation. He learned how to use a computer and get in touch with his friends and family from all over the world with the help of our staff and volunteers.

Since lock down means we cannot open our doors to the public and allow them to use our centre, Gibson has been unable to socialise with us, and with his family. Gibson told us that he was struggling being isolated from everyone and missed being out and being in contact with people.

Thanks to DevicesDotNow and Good Things Foundation we were able to apply for 10 devices with connectivity and Gibson was one of our recipients. 

Gibson said "Getting the tablet from GTDT has been amazing, it really helped me connect with my family and friends. I am in my 80’s and have been self-isolating so it has been hard for me but now I can do different things online. You are all blessed angels"