Lockdown support for the Roma communities

Life in Lockdown is not the same unfortunately for all people. The vulnerable groups like the Roma people are scared and feel alone without to understand what is happening and what a Lockdown is. We translated for them information about Government Guidance and what they need to do to stay safe. We communicate with them using the Facebook account Alex GTDT that is accessible for the public that need advice and support in this period.

In this difficult time we learn that "WE do" is more powerful that "I do".As you may be aware, some support services have been stopped during this period, however we are grateful that partnership work is still on. We work close with the Social Inclusion team from NHS Mersey Care, EMTAS from School Improvement Liverpool, Merseyside Police and local decision makers to ensure that Roma will be included in their action plan and that they understand any cultural aspects of the Roma community in this context of Covid 19.

We want to give you one example of the work that we do with EMTAS from School Improvement Liverpool. They do weekly letters for parents and carers offering guidance and support on this time when the children are at home. With the help of the local Councillors, the letters are distributed in all wards from Liverpool.The letters contain information about  mental health, celebration of the mother tongues, learning with games at home, example of science that can be fun. The main message is about that parents/carers need to spend quality time with their children to do things that they normally don't get the opportunity to do. The letters with our help are translated in Romanian for the vulnerable groups to be able to access this advice and support.