Reading Together

Granby Toxteth Development Trust have joined up with Penny Lane Development Trust to take part in distance learning book club. This group  are certainly get to grips with communicating through emails and Whatsapp and the group are planning to speak to each other through Zoom in the coming weeks.

The aim of the group is not just to read books and improve our digital skills but it is also a way to stay connected through this lockdown period and to keep in touch with each other. Everyone in the group agrees that this group activity is helping with our well being and  providing a pleasant distraction from what can be a  challenging and lonely time. If you would like to get involved in a future book club course please contact Granby Toxteth Development Trust

The books under discussion for this course are:
Young Adolf - Beryl Bainbridge
The Pattern in the Carpet - Margaret Drabble
Joined Up Writing - Roger McGough