Getting Crafty During Lockdown

During my weekly telephone contacts with the Riverview Development Trust's Community Living Room group (which we have renamed our Talking Tuesday group) we get to discuss a wide range of things.

The ladies who have been shielded during this period have been busy catching up with books, television programmes and sorting out wardrobes that they have "meant to do" for sometime. However one of the ladies, called Ann, had gone a step further!

She had made use of a number of recycled items including, fabric, tin cans and cereal boxes to make jewellery boxes, pen holders and storage tins for the her grandchildren and great grandchildren to give them "a nice surprise" when she next sees her family. Ann shares with me "how much she has missed them and has been thinking of them during this anxious time". Ann says this activity has helped both her physical and mental well being.

Ann has suggested when we are able to meet up again she can share her ideas with the rest of the group as a craft activity. The rest of the group thinks its a great idea and can't wait to get back to attending their weekly Community Living Room at Riverview and having a good catch up and a natter.