Inspirational Quotes

" A Great Attitude Becomes A Great Day"

Every week I speak to each person who make up the group of people who up until lock down attended Riverview Development Trust every Tuesday afternoon getting  involved in a variety of activities ranging from line dancing, craft activities, table tennis and well being sessions. The phone calls also coincide with the delivery of food and hygiene packs they receive from Granby Toxteth Development Trust each week. The catch up with them is not just about ensuring they received their weekly pack but to make sure they are coping with the isolation by having a friendly chat and catching up what they have been doing to keep themselves busy that week. As we are now entering our eleventh week of lock down I have had their permission to share some of their thoughts with you  about our contact and involvement during such an uncertain time. The below quotes are from individuals who are living by themselves and their average age is seventy eight.

June- "I feel so loved and wanted. I feel so accepted by this community"
Alice- "Makes me feel good getting a knock on the door each week"
Ann-"Receiving these phone calls and bags each week is showing someone is thinking and caring about me"
Agnes-"Never had anything in my life like this. It's a wonderful gesture. I cant thank you enough."
Eileen - "I feel blessed - it gives me a lovely feeling receiving these bags on my doorstep each week" 
Doreen- "I look forward to the phone call and hearing how the rest of the group are coping during this lock down period. Thank you"  

"Which Becomes  A Great Life "