Poets Corner

One of our lovely members Bernice, from our Book Club was inspired to sit down and write a poem.  Writing poetry was once a hobby that gave her great pleasure but life had pushed into the background. She wanted to share her thoughts with the rest of the group and share her poem with other people.

Let me tell you a story of two cousins who went to fight
Far away from home they first crossed the Atlantic bright

Now crouching in a damp and musty hole
Noise,gunfire, bullets and rain
Will they ever see their families again

Brother can you remember when we last felt hot
When we return or maybe not

For some will survive while others die
It is enough to make grown men cry

Its all done they fought for the mother land
Count the ones who return on one hand

From Liverpool they departed where they both stood tall
Now see the skeletons of the church razed and others fall

In prayer let us bow our heads
Do not forget the one left behind
Who never needed passage to return from where they both began

Hush now. While children sleep their mother weeps

Let our tears flow no need to be brave 

Just always remember the one buried in a foreign grave