Mandela 67- Volunteering

As part of Mandela 67 we are celebrating all the wonderful work which has been carried out by our volunteers in supporting the community through this pandemic. Besides the work of our volunteers of keeping in touch with our extremely vulnerable residents through a weekly phone call (Talking Tuesdays), delivering food bags on a weekly basis (Volunteering at Riverview Development Trust). We have been sorting and sharing pre-loved clothes with our partners (Upper Hill Development Trust) through Liverpool City Council who are working with a number of new asylum families to the local area.

A big thank you to Norma our volunteer who tirelessly goes through our stockpile of pre-loved clothes and takes on the role of a personal shopper to these families to make them feel valued at a very uncertain and difficult times for these families. Without the dedication and support of our volunteers we would have not be able to deliver all the above activities to the L8 community. Thanks to all our volunteers for a such a team effort.