Covid 19 - sharing the message with the Roma communities

We all know that in the last weeks there was been a small increase of coronavirus in the Princes Park area amongst all age groups. We were thinking about the vulnerable groups that leave around the area like the Roma communities. They need to have access to this information to stay safe and to protect themselves and their families.

We work in partnership with Liverpool City Council and Our Liverpool and take 2 videos one in Romanian and the other one in Romani. Please click to see: Romanian and Romani

Today we organise an  "awareness walk" about the COVID-19 information in the Roma Community. Was nice to see them and to share the message. It was great to have a chat, keeping the social distance.

We are still here to ensure that their receive the right message about COVID-19 and how they can do their bit and to follow these simple steps: wash your hands regularly and keep 2 metres apart, to keep safe all the community.