Ivan- Recycle mate

 This week its recycle week and today I would like to introduce you to Ivan, the local recycle mate.

GTDT have known Ivan for many years. Ivan first started as a friend and volunteer, then he became a community organiser working for GTDT and then he acquired a piece of derilct land that he transformed into a food growing oasis and where he also works on recycling projects.

When GTDT were asked to support local pubs by making the outside of the pubs more interesting and desirable so that social distancing could be maintained we decided to get the help of  Ivan and asked him if he could make the raised beds to go outside these pubs.

Ivan then set about to getting the wood, he would visit local construction sites for any materials that could be useful and he also recycle the pallets from the L8 Superstore which is next door to our office.

 Now there are 6 pubs in varous locations that have Ivans recycled planters outside and have been all been  planted up by GTDT.