GTDT walking groups

GTDT started thinking about an activity programme at the beginning of 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to do this. Once shielding restrictions were lifted we picked up our idea and started a small local walking group.

Originally our idea back in early 2020 was to get local people more active and although we still want to achieve this, our main reason now is help those who have been shielding and suffering from social isolation a simple way to help them get back their confidence

So our walking programme began and although the walking groups are small Caroline and Sonjia, both walk leaders from GTDT, have seen a significant increase in the attendees confidence since they have joined the walking groups.

One of the members had fallen on difficult times since lockdown, they had lost their job and had fallen into housing arrears and consequently fell into depression. It was only through the local community police and their intervention that they were signposted to GTDT.

Now this member is getting the support they need and is gradually getting back on his feet.

They have all become quite good friends now and they look forward to the weekly walks. Here is a couple of quotes from the attendees:

" I enjoyed the walk today, it makes me feel good and I don't get lonely"

"Walking on Thursday mornings keeps me fit and well. Thank you GTDT"

" I enjoyed the walk, this group is so refreshing for my mind"

If you would like to join on our walks why not drop us an email at or give us a call on 0151 734 4925.