The Bread Streets 2020


GTDT have been working alongside the council for the past 8 years looking at ways to revive the planters and get the community involved down at the Bread Streets in the Dingle.

Over the years we have seen community members join us in our battle and some either moved away from the area or became a little disheartened and decided to no longer be involved.

But this year we have seen a dramatic turn about. Since lockdown community members have started to realise just how important green space is, no matter how small the space is, just by seeing a well kept area this can bring a smile to their faces at these tough times.

The Bread Streets have now set up the "Grafton Street Community Group" and they are all active members. Jean Smith popped down to GTDT yesterday to pick up some spring flowering bulbs, a selection of Tulips, Narcissus, Crocus and Hyacinth to give the planters a spring lift.

We will be seeing alot more of this group and the ideas of what they would like to see has really brought a smile to GTDT.