The impact of EU Settlement Scheme (digital-only status) on the Roma Community in the UK

We are part in a campaign #deniedmybackup together with 12 national organisation from U.K. We are concerned by the digital-only aspect of the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). Due to a lack of digital skills in the community and insufficient support to manage digital status, many Roma people are finding the digital-only system creates an extra barrier to securing and managing their immigration status, and to accessing public services when support is most needed.

GTDT was able to support Gina (not her real name) with her struggle to prove her right to stay. We were able to find her a job and support her with the Universal Credit. We use the online facebook to communicate and advice her. Now she feels confident and she hope that in the future she will have a physical evidence of her status in the UK.

Her story is below.