GTDT Winter Warm Campaign

GTDT worked in Partnership with Mandela 8 and The Reader Calderstones Mansion House. Together we helped the most vulnerable in the Riverside Ward, over the cold winter months Riverview Development Trust distributed over 280 home-cooked meals provided by the Reader, there was a variety of freshly made soups, Tomato and Basil Soup, Creamed Lentil Onion Soup, Mushroom Soup and home-cooked scouse with succulent lamb.

To keep them warm they were all gifted with a lovely gilet and gloves from the amazing Mandela 8, the residents from the area were all delighted, the feedback was very positive as many of the residents stated that many organisations were providing the elderly with food parcels but freshly cooked food and a free coat was more than they could have wished for. Mandela 8 extended their support across all the different Wards, anyone in need of a winter coat, gilet or sports clothes whether it be Schools, Family Support Centres, Asylum Link or young people referred from the Detached Youth Workers were all able to receive this support. 

We have lovely pictures of Alice and Jimmy, John and Ollie all from the Riverside Ward. When Ollie received his homemade food and Gilet, he was so happy, he said: "I'll be wearing this when I'm walking my dog and then my dinner will be already made, this is a lovely thoughtful idea, thanks to all".