Fabulous donation from TWINZZ

Thank you so much to TWINZZ who donated the remainder of last season's stock to Mandela 8 for them to be distribute to people in the L8.

TWINZZ are a clothing brand who are a sponsor of the former Olympian and world title challenger Natasha Jonas who is from Toxteth.

All in all over 800 products have been distributed throughout the L8 area, thanks to the donation from TWINZZ.

Mandela8, one of GTDT’s partners, asked us to support them in distributing this generous donation alongside our food and hygiene deliveries to members of our local communities, who needed it most.

The clothes were distributed to local youth providers, schools, families, children from care (social services) and the local youth detached workers.  Our detached youth workers were able to give some of the clothing to young people on the street who they were coming into contact with. We were also able to support some parents, who were offered some of the big, warm coats that were available, for when they take their children to school.

The impact from this donation has been incredible, children are now able to keep warm over the winter period in their brand new coats, families who were struggling to provide for their children have one less worry on their minds as we were also able to provide coats, hats, tracksuits etc. This has meant that families could use what money they have on essentials such as food especially during this pandemic.

One recipient said to our delivery team: “With all the lockdowns and my children being home from school we have really struggled with both food and clothing, when the team showed up with clothes and coats, not only for my children but for me as well I was in shock. Thank you all so, so much you really are angels, with the clothes, food packs AND Christmas presents you really do look out for and care about the community.”