GTDT caring for the L8 community, 60 families received luxury hampers.

GTDT has distributed 60 luxury hampers to families across the Riverside, Picton, and Princes Park Wards. The hampers consisted of a variety of different food supplies to support families with breakfast, lunch, dinner, goodies, and hygiene packs which included toiletries, cleaning products, and washing powder.

Referrals come from organisations to support people who had been furloughed, unemployed due to the pandemic, and large families who are struggling during the national lockdown. 

Shopping for the 60 families on a fortnightly basis proved to be a big task for the GTDT staff, help was on hand from the staff at the Home Bargain store in Speke, three of the staff couldn't believe how big the order was, they helped get the stock ready and then helped load the vehicles with all the food and toiletries.

Pictures below: staff from Home Bargain in Speke supporting GTDT staff with the big food order.

Once the shopping was done, staff with the help of one of our wonderful volunteers Francisco, made sure that all the families received their food package.

We have had wonderful feedback from the families, the selection of food and toiletries were well received. Knowing that someone is there to care about you and your family can take away the worries and bring a smile and laughter back into the home.