GTDT's Clothes Rail team supporting Asylum Link in Wavertree

GTDT's latest Community Clothes Rail road trip, was to offer support to Asylum Link, based in Overbury Street, L7.

Asylum Link is a dedicated organisation supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees throughout Liverpool, offering help and advice to many Refugees that have arrived in the city.

Asylum Link is also dedicated to raising public awareness on issues surrounding Refugees, offering a safe place for people from all over the world to meet and learn more about the city and resources that are available to them. 

GTDT Community Clothes Rail team recently met up with Sammy, one of the Support Officers at Asylum Link, and GTDT were more than happy to donate 20 bags of clothing to the organisation.

Sammy said, "Many of the people that come to Asylum Link, arrive in this country with just the clothes they are wearing.  Many have fled their countries in fear for their own safety and to receive this donation of clothing from GTDT will go a long way in giving the people that come here the extra help that they really need".

Sammy said "On behalf of all the staff and service users we would like to say a great big thank you! GTDT's support is very much appreciated and welcomed".