GTDT's 'Neighbours helping Neighbours Clothing project' in the Picton Ward

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to how the GTDT Community Clothes Rail team would normally operate.

Prior to the pandemic, GTDT held regular Community Clothes Rail events in the community, this also included visiting hostels and catering to many individual families needs.

As we are heading gradually out of lockdown, the Community Clothes Rail team took to the streets, along with Lisa Smith, also from GTDT, to identify struggling local families.

GTDT's Community Clothes Rail team have recently put together the 'Neighbours helping Neighbours Clothing Project', for families struggling in the Picton Ward.

Simona, a well known lady living in Cedar Grove, had offered to take part in the project as a point of contact for many families in her neighbourhood. Since taking part, Simona, has identified many more families that are in need of help and today, GTDT were able to provide 20 bags of clothing to those families in the neighbourhood.  

Simona said "I am really happy to take part, as we have all been supporting our neighbours and looking out for each other this past year.  Many families relied on the Community Clothes Rail and have found it hard without it, we can't thank you all enough''.