Picton Ward Detached Youth Workers supporting young people.

The Picton Detached Youth Team have identified several small groups of young people, who we meet on alternate evenings to participate in activities at Botanic Park. Our young people get involved in group discussions, engage in icebreaker activities and a game of manhunt. 

All our young people were given masks, hand sanitiser and educated on the NHS message - Hands, Face, Space.  After the group discussion, all of the young people had a clear understanding of staying safe and the importance of social distancing. 

One young person said “I am happy that Lisa has given us masks and hand sanitiser as I feel safer mixing with my small group of friend".

Our young people were gifted brand new sports clothes from TWINZZ, who are the sponsor of our local boxing champion, Natasha Jonas, this came from Mandela 8 who support and advocate
young people across Liverpool City Region. 

The young people were delighted and would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Mandela 8, TWINZZ and the Picton Detached Youth Workers.