Happy Easter from Granby Toxteth Development Trust

Young people enjoying the Easter Half Term, 43 children who attend Granby and Riverside's Toxteth Development Trust Breakfast Club and Afternoon Club, all received a special Easter parcel which included lots of goodies such as sweets, chocolate, juice and a variety of food they could have for their breakfast during the half-term break. 

Also included in their packs were arts & crafts materials, some seeds and pots for gardening which were donated from MPAC. GTDT made sure that the packs included the fun factor but also an activity that educates and engages all sorts of senses and helps children developed and recognise them without realising. They can feel the texture of soil, seeds, flower and petals as children garden, they develop important motor skills that will help them improve their academic skills.

Staff from GTDT went shopping for the Easter shop, after several trips and at least five full trollies all our young people received a little Easter surprise.

All the children were delighted with their parcel, many of them couldn't wait to open their parcel and eat their EASTER EGGS straight away.

Picture's of our young people from the Riverside and Picton Ward. 

Picton Ward