GTDT's Clothes Rail journey throughout the Covid pandemic

GTDT's Clothes Rail Team have continuously provided support to local families throughout the COVID Pandemic
GTDT have distributed an estimated 1,500 bags of clothing, shoes and toiletries, 23 prams and 18 Moses baskets with the help of GTDT's Outreach Team 

Before the Pandemic, GTDT held many Clothes Rail events on a weekly basis, both on site and off site at various other locations, including hostels, such as,  The Phoenix. Foundation, Red Umbrella, Geneva House, Mildmay House and Newsham Drive, but due to Covid restrictions providing essential support was often limited. However, GTDT were sill able to offer help. 

After following Covid restriction guidelines, all donations and pre loved clothing received by GTDT were quarantined for several weeks, before being distributed within the community.

During this time, GTDT were also able to make donations to The British Red Cross, MerseyAid, The Phoenix Foundation and Asylum Link.

GTDT would like to say 'Thank you', to everyone involved in working with the Clothes Rail, including the volunteers, staff and to the many people that made donations, and for making the Clothes Rail possible.