Wildflowers in the Park

 A sunny spring Friday afternoon in Princes Park. 

Peter the farmer has been rotavating some of the grassed areas - lots of lovely soil just waiting for the wildflower seed sowing organised by the Scouse Flowerhouse. Over the rise comes a river of red - a contingent of pupils from Windsor Street School, recruited by the Friends of Princes Park to spread the seed and then go away and spread the word. 

Nicola from GTDT, recently started as a volunteer with the Friends, is there to help, plus other volunteers and a jazz band to help the planting go with a swing. Richard from the Flowerhouse explains what needs to be done and why, Polly hands out big bags of seeds and the kids head off in rows across the waiting soil, chattering nineteen to the dozen and casting their seeds to the gentle breeze. Now that's what I call a Friday afternoon's education!

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