Healthy Food Club

In July 2021 we were awarded Holiday Activity and Food programme (HAF) funding to deliver activities and food (breakfast & lunch) to children and young people aged 5 to 17 during the school summer holidays.

We focussed our efforts on our local wards of Picton, Princes Park and Riverside, albeit we also helped a number of families in other wards as well. 

We utilised our existing links and networks across these wards and worked with St. Gabriel’s and Riverview Development Trust in the Dingle, our Detached Youth Work team in all wards and our Roma community workers in Picton to identify families that would benefit.

Our Holiday Food Club bags were tailored to meet the current school food standards for nutrition and contained enough food to cover a minimum of breakfast and lunch for each weekday, but we always made sure that there was a bit extra in each bag so that parents and/or younger siblings could also have something healthy to eat as well.  Over the course of 6 weeks, we provided weekly food bags that helped provide in excess of 18,180 meals!

We worked with some fabulous suppliers over the course of the holidays including the Manchester Super Store (for 3 tonnes of potatoes), Spendwell (for dairy products), Coultons (for bread), Langs (for eggs), Jimmy Dunn (for fruit bags) and BestWay and CostCo.

Whilst initially we had intended to deliver all the food bags, the sheer volume meant that this was not physically possible and we set up 3 collection points, one in each ward for us to distribute the Holiday Food Club bags from.  In total we distributed over 20 tonnes of food!

With all schemes of this type, there are always times where bags weren’t picked up as families were away or people were ill, but we made sure that nothing went to waste, we donated any perishables to other local schemes such as the Greenhouse Project and local foodbank initiatives and at the end of the holidays we provided Veterans HQ with any left over bags for their residents and local community.

We couldn’t have achieved this without our fabulous volunteers and staff who really rose to the occasion and ensured that no child registered with us went hungry!