Black History Month (October 2021)

Black History Month is one of the most prominent cultural celebrations of the year.

In Liverpool a host of arts and cultural organisations, universities and businesses have created an impressive programme. Culture Liverpool is showcasing the talent and vibrancy of the city’s black communities, and welcome national and international artists, activists, historians and commentators. 

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect: Mayor Joanne, the first black woman UK city mayor demonstrates history in the making; Blue Saint and a posse of WoW Young writers take over Tate Liverpool: Professor Stephen Small Zooms in from California; Betty Vandy and Nazeem bring culinary and musical flavours from West Africa; Lorraine Maher, explores what it means to be black and Irish; Malik Al Nasir shares his letters to Gil Scott Heron and Hip-Hop artist Nicky Blaze will be 20 Stories High.

As well as a time to celebrate, Black History Month is a time for reflection. On the 40th anniversary of the 1981 Uprisings, Culture Liverpool is exploring the progress we, as a society, have made towards true racial equality. With Kim Johnson, MP and activists from across UK inner cities, following the largest Black Lives Matter Protests outside of the US, they explore the next steps down the road of social justice towards a society in which our children can see what they want to be and ask: really, how far have we come?

To read more and to see the programme of events, you can visit the Culture Liverpool Black History Month website by clicking here.