Environmental Storytelling at GTDT

On Monday, GTDT held our first environmental storytelling sessions with 12 of the local children from Cullen Street.

We had a variety of age groups (from 6-13) and the children were so well behaved, eating fruit whilst they listened to Colin, a local writer and poet, tell the story of Lilly and Larry Leaf.

After the session, Colin, Alexandra and I, sat down and chatted about how lovely the children were and how nice it was to see that they were enjoying the story. So what could we do next?

We thought of ways how we could continue with this project, teaching the local children about local environmental issues that affect them.

And then we came up with a plan!

We decided to hold 6 sessions, one per week, in the New Year that will get the children involved in discussing the effects of litter and their responsibilities as good citizens.

During the 6 weeks, the children will look at the negative effects of litter and the importance of recycling. They will discuss these areas with each other and make observations about their local neighbourhood. They will make observations by taking photos and having discussions. They will learn writing skills, drawing skills and they will learn how to plan, create and evaluate.

Why are we doing this?

  • To empower young people, 
  • To give young people skills to take action in what is important to them, 
  • And to help them find their voice and to speak out.