Roma Awareness Training - Learning to engage with the Roma

We start our partnership journey with Citizen Advice Liverpool two months ago with a project to support the Roma families to do late applications for EU Settlement Scheme with offline sessions in St. Bede's Church.

We were able to advise and support 62 children and 36 adults in their effort to have residential status in the UK.  In this process, the staff of Citizen Advice Liverpool starts to understand that the Roma community doesn't have similarities in engagement like others communities which they work in past. 

Their curiosity increased and they ask if we can provide a 'Roma Awareness Training'. On the 18th of November, we deliver an hour and a half online training for 26 staff and volunteers of Citizen Advice Liverpool.
The training helps them to explore issues related to experiences from countries of origin, cultural customs, and taboos, to understand the impact on communication and engagement with services and professionals. We will also look at examples of good practice and practical ways to improve engagement and communication with migrant Roma communities in Liverpool.
After the training we receive positive feedback:
Beth Saunders- EUSS Supervisor says 'we are delighted that we receive this information from a Roma activist and professional. Now after the training, I am able to develop practical tools for engagement with the Roma people
Susana Carvalho - Volunteer Recruitment and Training Manager said 'we really appreciate this opportunity for our staff and volunteers. Maybe we could have this session every year' 

Citizens Advice Liverpool is keen to continue our partnership and to extend this outreach session into the new year, with a view of possibly including other advice services in areas where the Roma has a need.