Call Me

Since the pandemic and not being able to meet up on a regular basis, I have been keeping in touch with the older community members who have previously attended the events we organise by calling them on a regular basis.

This week we have been discussing how they keep busy, keep cheerful and keep active while they have been isolated from their family and friends and have not been able to get out to socialise.

Anne "I keep cheerful and avoid feeling fed up by keeping busy by being crafty. My latest venture is re-padding an old stool."

June "I read most days a book. I have lovely neighbours who pass me books on a regular basis. I worry about my eyesight but at 84 my opticians say I have great eyesight."

Dot "I love a great classic film in the afternoon to bring back happy memories. Before I know it I am drawing the curtains and thinking what I can have for my tea."

Agnes "Keeping in touch with my family. No better medicine than having a laugh and a joke with my family and friends."

(Chair Exercise Group - Feb 2020 at Riverview Development Trust )