Community Innovation Team

Problems with vaccine inequity and vaccine hesitancy are well documented globally. The NHS COVID-19 vaccination program was launched in 2020 and is supported by public health and multiple other partners. In Liverpool, there are significant inequalities in vaccine uptake and herd immunity has not been reached, meaning onward transmission and ongoing demands on hospital services.  A wide range of initiatives have already been tried, yet uptake remains stubbornly low in some of Liverpool’s most deprived areas. Whilst the booster program will help tackle waning immunity, reaching the immunized remains a challenge. There is no ‘one size fits all solution, thus new ideas and energy are needed. A pilot project with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is being implemented in collaboration with Liverpool City Council Public Health Department and Central Liverpool Primary Care Network consisting of three core components:

1. Behaviour Insight to understand which people identify with, the underlying drivers of low uptake by specific groups and creatively explore different routes to encourage trust and vaccine uptake.

2. Social Marketing to develop bespoke marketing messages that speak to our target population groups and work through their influencers.

3. Community Innovation Teams (CITs) to foster dialogue, creative problem solving, design, and learning among multidisciplinary teams of providers and community members, grounded in the local context.

We are invited each week to be part of CIT 1 (NORTH) Vauxhall Health Centre, Brownlow (Marybone), Brownlow (Kensington Park) to support with the target of the 'White people under 50 years old'. Each CIT is composed of 10-15 members, chaired by a GP and network engagement lead. 

We look forward to bring our contribution and experience in the ''Vaccine Equity Project'.