National Story Time Week 29 Jan - 4 Feb

As part of National Story Time week, Colin one of our longstanding volunteers has written the below to celebrate this national event. This story in the half term will be included as part of our kids' activities raising their awareness of environmental issues.

This is the story of Lilly & Larry Leaf.

One early spring day on a small patch of ground on Lodge Lane in
there sat a very bare and very cold tree. All winter it had been resting and saving its strength for the summer to come. At the ends of its bare branches small brown buds shivered in the cold. Then the weather started to warm up and one day the buds broke open and Lilly & Larry Leaf were born, just two out of the millions that burst out on every tree, everywhere, every spring. So, for one of our years (though it’s a lifetime for them), we can see them waving around in the breeze, looking beautiful and green all summer and beautiful and red and gold in the autumn and then, when winter comes, falling off the tree and rotting away. But that’s just how it seems to us.

What they actually do is far more useful and far more beautiful. Lily and Larry have lots of tiny holes in their skin called pores. When it’s sunny they open up and suck in carbon dioxide from the air. CO2 is a gas that we can’t see or smell, but it’s causing the earth to heat up, glaciers to melt and floods and fires to start up all around the world. At the same time, through the same pores, they blow out oxygen, which is another gas that we can’t see or smell, but it's what we need to take into our lungs to help us run around, digest our food and grow big and strong.

So, Larry & Lily don’t just hang around looking beautiful, they give us life twice over; once by breathing in carbon dioxide to cool the world and twice by breathing out oxygen for us to breathe. So, next time you look at a leaf on a tree, think of Lilly and Larry and all their millions of sisters and brothers and tell all your sisters and brothers and friends and relations what they are doing to help us live.