Writer's Bus On Tour

Writing on the Wall’s ‘Writer's Bus’ will come to our area on 22nd of January from 11:00am to 3:00pm. We are delighted to host them for the Roma community in Cullen Street, but keep in mind that is open also for the other non-Roma residents from the area that want to have a unique experience of culture. 

The Bus will offer:

  • A writer in residence
  • Writing activities and workshops
  • Poetry workshops and games
  • Writers’ advice sessions
  • Live author read 
  • FREE resources and giveaways

Mike Morris, Chair of the Year of Writing and Co-Director of Writing on the Wall said, “The Year of writing has achieved a lot this year, getting many people across the city involved in writing and creativity. The Writing Bus is an opportunity for us to get out to areas across the city, working with local community groups so that as many people as possible get to work with professional writers – it’s a great initiative, and we are really looking forward to discovering local talent and generating new writing.”