International Book Giving Day

As part of International Book Giving Day, Julie sat down with Bernadette to talk about books and her experience of bringing her children up whilst reading to them.

Bernadette said, "I am a mum to two girls who are now in their 20's but when they were younger they used to LOVE books and having stories read to them, especially at bedtime. They loved pointing to different things on the page and talking about them.

They loved the SPOT books from a very early age. SPOT the dog was their favourite dog for a long time.  They loved looking at the pictures of SPOT to see what he was doing.

I liked reading to them because it was a special time for bonding and being close. It was one of the things that developed a close relationship between us all. It helped with their language development and imaginative play. It also developed a positive attitude for their reading at school, because they already liked books before they went.

I have kept most of their books because it brings back happy memories of them as little girls and our carefree moments in something that gave us all pleasure and has benefited and equipped them for life."