Safer Internet Day 2022

Today (8 February) is Safer Internet Day, it is always important to remain safe online so here are some tips to help you ensure your safety whilst using the internet.

  1. Keep Personal Information Secure - Potential employers or customers don't need to know your personal relationship status or your home address. If you keep this information available for anybody to see it can lead to strangers knowing where you live and you wouldn't offer that information to people who you don't know in person, so remember to keep your personal information secure and only share important information with people who need to know.
  2. Keep Your Privacy Settings On - Marketers love to know about you, and so do hackers. Both can learn a lot about you from your browsing history and social media usage, but if you ensure that your privacy settings are switched on they are unable to track your usage.
  3. Be Careful What You Download - A top goal of cybercriminals is to try and get you to download dangerous material such as malware and viruses onto your devices to try and steal your personal information. Don't download anything from websites or email addresses that you don't trust.
  4. Choose Strong Passwords - Try to ensure that your passwords are memorable to you and only you and that they contain a mixture of numbers and letters, sometimes even special characters such as '!' or '?'. Passwords such as 'password' or '123456' are guessed very easily and can enable people to hack into your accounts.
  5. Keep Your Antivirus Program Up To Date - Internet security software cannot protect against every threat, but it will detect and remove most malware - but only if it is up to date.

For more information on how to remain safe online, for support using the internet and help in job searching why not sign up for our 12-week Include IT course.

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