Equality & Diversity Training

GTDT are proud to promote equality and diversity across all of their projects and for all of their staff and volunteers. This ensures people feel in control and are able to cope with life's challenges and stresses - allowing everyone to maximise their potential, feel safe and take a more active role in achieving their goals.

This week all staff and volunteers took part in an equality and diversity training course with Paul Hogan at the Al-Ghazali Centre. The aim of this course was to discuss the role we have in the community and how our actions impact others, as well as to give staff and volunteers further knowledge and tools to identify and address issues of unfairness and discrimination.

Carla, who was previously a volunteer at GTDT and has recently become an employed member of staff through the 'Kick Start Programme' said: "I am new to GTDT and it was fun to come on this course and get to know the team better. I found it really educational and feel it will really help me in my new role at Granby Toxteth Development Trust."

Julie, a member of staff who works on several projects and interacts with many different members of the community said: "I thought that the course was very thought-provoking, I enjoyed that it was really interactive and it gave us a chance to reflect on how we treat people each and every day. The tutor delivered the course at a good pace and ensured everyone was included in the discussions."

Everyone who attended the course looks forward to using what they learned within their role at GTDT and to try and inspire and educate the communities we all serve.