Hitting the sweet spot with Safi's

Safi initially came to speak to Darren at GTDT for business advice around 5 years ago. He was looking at starting a chocolate, pancake and coffee shop on Park Road in L8. 

'Sweet and Cheese' was formed which has recently been renamed 'Safi's' and has gone from strength to strength. Building on his Park Road success, Safi opened up his second store in Old Swan, followed by another store in Mount Pleasant and another in Walton Vale, and he is now in the process of opening two more stores in Hunts Cross and Norris Green. Not only is Safi opening these new stores in Liverpool, but he is also in discussions of expanding his franchise across Manchester.

Safi's coffee shop is spoken about city-wide with testimonials such as "What a lovely spot! Safi's is one of my favourite places in town. Nothing but great service and delicious flavours!" from a regular customer who visits the Mount Pleasant store. Another customer said "Really great carrot cake and the coffee was good. My nephew liked the different choices of ice cream. I will be back, this is a great café for the Vale."