Meet 'Corcodusa'

'Corcodusa saves the park' is a a children’s book, using art to explore climate justice with vulnerable communities. This book was part of the Season’s for Change Roma: Recycle, Reuse, Reimagine project. GTDT is delighted to be part of this project and to introduce the Roma individuals to design and produce the story together with grassroots Roma families located in a number of locations throughout the UK. .

On the 10th of February we were invited to be part of the  Capacity Building LabDay were will frame the book and explore the importance of co-creation. 

You can participate if you register HERE

Themes explored:

What is co-creation? How can academics, artists and grassroots community members work together in an egalitarian fashion? Why  is this important? What impact does this mode of working have on the ground level? What lessons did the team learn? How did a  children’s book engage Roma families to discuss social justice?