Monday Motivation - Community Learning

Need some Monday Motivation? Why not sign up for one of our 6 week community learning courses?

You can access our online registration form by clicking here.

To access GTDT’s courses you need to be:
· 19+ with a valid NI number
· Unemployed or Economically Inactive (i.e. housewife/retired)
· Resident within Liverpool City Council boundaries

All our courses are FREE of charge and we often provide all the materials and resources needed for learners.

The majority of our courses have returned to face-to-face delivery with some online content, but we still have a number of courses that are based online.  Please ensure that you pick the right centre and the right course for you!

Available courses (and venues):

· Driving Theory for Employment (available at GTDT and Kensington Community Learning Centre)

· ESOL (Available at GTDT, Al-Ghazali Centre and Kensington Community Learning Centre)

· Get Active (available at the Joseph Lappin Centre)

· Get Creative: Mosaics with Natasha (available at Riverview Development Trust)

· Get Growing (this is an online course)

· Digital Skills (available at GTDT)

We are always looking for new courses that will encourage groups of learners so if there are any ideas to engage 10+ or more learners we might be able to deliver something. Ideas we are currently looking at are Healthy Slow Food, Walking Football at Tiber, exercise classes in the park, Walking History groups.