St Cleopas - Get Connected - Get Crafty

One of the things we all agreed on in our sessions at St Cleopas, since coming out of the pandemic, is the importance of improving our health and wellbeing and to make it one of our main aims as a group. 

We have got off to a flying start by all agreeing both as beginners and masters of the craft that we would make each a few croqueted squares, each month, during the sessions and during the ad breaks at home. Once we have enough to make a blanket, we will then sew them together and donate it to a local charity. It has really created a sense of purpose for a number of the group and they feel they are doing something worthwhile.

Will keep you posted on our progress. If you want to join us on our quest and learn about next month's challenge of bottle lights come along on the 5th April, 12.00noon at St Cleopas.