Africa Oyé

Our amazing detached youth workers spent their weekend helping out at the Africa Oyé festival ensuring that the event was a safer experience for all who attended.

Over the weekend well over 5,000 attendees came to enjoy the different stalls, and live music and have a great weekend.

GTDT’s detached youth workers were at the event to look out for potential issues in the lively crowd and intervene before they became a problem. They worked closely with the welfare and security teams to ensure that the event ran as smoothly as possible.

Lead Detached Youth Worker at GTDT, Nze, said ‘When you get a lot of young people at a festival, there are bound to be some incidents. Using their conflict management skills our detached team was able to intervene in situations which could have escalated. Instead, everyone was able to have a great weekend’s entertainment.’
GTDT’s team of detached youth workers at Sefton Park