Coronavirus - How Our Services Are Changing

Updated 27 May 2020, 6 November 2020

GTDT is a Covid secure workplace. By adapting our building and changing our working practices we have been able to minimise the risk to both our staff and visitors who may be in the building.

This announcement outlines GTDT's general position regarding changes to our services during the current public health emergency, as well as our gradual return to normal following changes in the Government's guidance.

GTDT is committed to continuing to support our local community in these difficult times but we need to follow Government instructions. We are adapting our services to allow for social distancing and self-isolation. Our team is making incredible efforts during these unprecedented times and we are trying hard to ensure continuity.

Some members of our team are self-isolating for 12 weeks, following specific advice from the NHS. The rest of our team are redoubling their efforts to continue delivering a vital service during these extraordinary times.

Supporting Our Community's Most Vulnerable

Our first priority at this time is support for the community's most vulnerable. People who are already suffering severe hardship now have the additional problem of not being able to leave the house and increased difficulty obtaining food, medication and vital hygiene items.

GTDT's staff and volunteers (including many new volunteers) have been working tirelessly to identify the most vulnerable and to distribute food and hygiene packs to them as rapidly as we are able to. We are working closely with local businesses to source and distribute these items and local taxi drivers are helping with the distribution.

We are currently distributing over 300 food and hygiene packs each week to the neighbourhoods around our Centre and we will continue to do so for as long as it is necessary.

We have distributed internet-connected tablets to some of the most isolated who are also digitally excluded and cannot access vital services because of this.

Our team are also keeping in touch with some of the most isolated people when they drop off the packs or by phone.

We are working with partners across Liverpool to ensure a co-ordinated response to the situation. If you want to be involved please get in touch.

Drop-in IT and Job Club

Our Centre on Lodge Lane is completely closed to the public for the time being.

Group Learning Sessions, one-to-one Advice and Support
including Learning, Business Advice and Community Advice

All face-to-face courses and advice sessions were suspended with effect from 5pm Friday 20 March.

We have introduced remote methods for continuing one-to-one advice which will use tools such as
- Phone
- Email
- Text messaging
- Facebook
- Video conferencing using Skype or Zoom
- Online resources including Learn My Way and YouTube

If you have enrolled for a course we will contact you directly with further information as soon as we can.

You can now enrol online by using this secure form.

Please take care.