Youth Work

GTDT leads a partnership of 13 youth providers across 8 wards in south central Liverpool, delivering high quality provision across the neighbourhood. The provision is funded and supported by Liverpool City Council as well as a four year project supported by the National Lottery's Community Fund. Having worked together for many years, and having been formalised as a consortium, the partnership is well placed to meet the needs of local young people and their families, by delivering excellent outcomes in the area.

The partnership reflects the diversity of the area offering shared places where young people can come together regardless of their heritage and backgrounds and to satisfy all aspirations.

The project partnership is strong and includes GTDT and Liverpool City Council as strategic partners, as well as all youth provision across the 7 wards included in this proposal. GTDT will provide financial accountability, project management, capacity building support, expertise and oversight; LCC will provide further support on all matters connected with youth work and provision.

Working with the LCC, GTDT is able to access a range of other support and expertise from experts within the Council, and this brings strength and depth to this project.