GTDT expects organisations in receipt of funding or other support to acknowledge this in publicity materials, including the necessary logos.

The minimum requirement is to use GTDT's logo. Where support is provided under GTDT's Lottery-funded L8 Living Sustainably project, Lottery and L8LS logos must also be included.

In all cases the logo owners' requirements regarding size, colour and placement of logos must be followed. 

L8LS Branding Guidelines
There are additional guidelines for the L8 Living Sustainably project which include use of the logo, colours and fonts.

L8LS Brand Colour
The correct colour for the logo is:
Pantone 7465 C
CMYK C56 M0 Y46 K0
RGB R56 G189 B173

Downloadable High-resolution Logos
Use these versions of the logos where high quality printing is needed. Click on each logo to see the downloadable version.