Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Smiles in Your Community

On 10th of December we received a surprise visit in our community. Santa Claus came and bring a lot of joy and smiles.

It was a colourful day  to share the message that Santa Claus is in the town!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Research and Don't Judge

Last week we had  visitors from Liverpool John Moores University.

They  are interested in doing some research with Roma about their experiences of  working  and seeking employment. Helen Collins (teacher LJMU) heard about our collaboration, projects and good work with Roma communities. The main objective is to gather as much information from the Roma people about the tactics they use to live, to find and keep work and family life (how their supports them).
It is a great chance to break some stereotypes and to show that after a history full of persecution of the Roma that they have the determination to have a job and develop themselves.

Engagement and Useful Advice

In GTDT we receive a lot of people from the Roma communities that need some advice because of the language barriers about how they can search some jobs or with different problems that they don't know how to find a solution without some advice.

One of these is the family Schian that have 6 children. Florin  (the husband) start a job in a warehouse from July this year and the wife takes care of the children from home. They come to us to see what kind of activities we have and how they can be involved in the community. We discuss about different projects that we have in the area in principal about Cullen Green Garden. After the discussion and when we see that this family have some needs we try to help them.  We find that the husband is entitled to receive Tax Credit. The process to apply lasted two months.

Today Florin receive the great news that was accepted. They are very happy and they thanks us for all the support.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Make your own Christmas Arts & Crafts

Would you enjoy finding out how to create your own Christmas Arts & Crafts and unleashing your creative side?

Join in our 6 week course, giving you the know-how to make your Christmas Arts & Crafts.  Starting Thursday 10 November at our centre on Lodge Lane.  Contact us on 0151 734 4925 for more details on this and other locations.