Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Community Living Room @ Penny Lane

We will be holding a Community Living Room 26 April 12.30-2.30 at Penny Lane Development Trust.
Come along and get your blood pressure checked and possibly bring along any unwanted clothes.
There will be a great opportunity on the day to take part in our Community Clothes Rail and give some of our pre-loved clothes a home, so why not pop along and see what we have to offer.

Community Living Room- John Archer Hall

We started getting ready for Easter at today's Community Living Room at John Archer by making Easter cards. People really got involved and the hot topic was people's favourite Easter egg and  their memories of Easter when they were younger. It really got us thinking of Easter and the two Bank Holidays this weekend .
We also had a chat re the types of activities that the community in that area would like to see at future Community Living Rooms.They included Chair Based Exercise :Craft Activities:Singalong and Meet and Eat Together.(establish hopefully in the long-term a local over 55 lunch club)

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Easter Activities!

The Easter half-term has brought us back to St Bede's church, where we've been hosting local young people for various activities over the past week. And what fun we've had so far!

On Wednesday, Everton in the Community joined us to lead us in some physical activities. After getting our breath back following a high energy game of dodgeball, we tested our balance with classics like the egg and spoon race (thankfully not with real eggs!).

 And how else to wrap things up than with a good old fashioned sack race?

The Red Cross very kindly paid us a visit on Thursday to teach our young people some very important first aid skills. They asked some fantastic questions and really came to grips with what to do should they find anyone in a dangerous situation.

We learned the recovery position, what to do if somebody is choking, and how to do chest compressions. All vital skills to learn!

 If you are interested in signing your child up for our morning Kids Activities, which go on during school holidays (Monday to Friday), pop into our centre at 129d Lodge Lane, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 0QF.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Family Fun Spring 2019

We will be having a Family Fun Day at St. Bede's on Wednesday 17 April, 9:30am - 12noon.

There will be many fun activities for all the family and there will also be a clothes rail.

Pop along and have some fun, and see if you can give some of our pre-loved clothes a new home.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Celebration of Diversity

We celebrate the day of diversity and integration of the Roma in the community.
In 8th of April 1971 was hold first world Roma Congress held in ‪London and they decided the flag, Roma international day and the anthem “Gelem Gelem”.
Roma all over the world have an opportunity to celebrate a diversity of their culture Roma language and history. 
We make a great work with the Roma families from this area in the last years and this day was a good day to be thankful and to celebrate them. They enjoy to participate to our activities during the event and also to have some fun with music and dance.  Was really nice when a Roma woman tells us that feel we are all a community and they feel part of Liverpool supporting each other.  We have partner s like Romanian school from Liverpool  * Nicolae Iorga” that were happy to involve and make activities with the families. Florina Stoica says”  The children are intelligent they speak 3 languages and they like to learn new things. Was about them today”.
We would like to wish to all people ( Roma and non- roma) more equal opportunities, less discrimination as well as more humanity and appreciation.