Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Loving Millennium Green- 2019

Our now annual  get together on Millennium Green took place on 15th  August on a particularly windy day. It certainly didn't deter volunteers, partners and the community in getting involved in such a wide variety of activities ranging from litter picking, choosing a pre-loved item of furniture, picking a herb to nurture, checking your blood pressure and getting your face or nails painted !!.

Some of the comments from the community included:

"Came along to show support  from the community and have met up with some old friends "

"My Kids loved getting their face painted and choosing a plant to take home to their nan"

Partners Day

Last evening we have the pleasure to walk with our partners Liverpool City Council, Merseyside Police and Picton Children Centre,  around Smithdown Road and Webster Triangle.

We were in the area to stop Hate Crime and to be visible in the community. We meet with residents and we made good conversation with them about the area, if they feel save and what kind of involvement they want from us.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Therapies Improve Blood Pressure

On Thursday 15 August, during the Loving Millennium Green event we decided to do a little experiment. We got people who were wanting to have a hand & arm massage to have their blood pressure read before and after the massage to see if their blood pressure had improved.

We were all pleasantly surprised to see that the participants blood pressure did in fact improve. This just goes to show that when you are having a 'relaxing therapy' it is actually having a positive impact on your health & well being.

One lady who attended the event with her newborn daughter said, "I have never really been one to check on my blood pressure, when I had it done before my massage it was bordering the pre-high blood pressure range, and I thought it was very good to see that after I had an arm & hand massage my blood pressure dropped to a healthier rate. I received a leaflet on ways to reduce my blood pressure naturally and I will be sure to follow the suggestions and live a healthier lifestyle with my family."

Getting Crafty

We spent this months Community Living Room chatting about the activities that we enjoy doing at home . The majority of the ladies love learning new things . One of the  group volunteered to show the rest of the group one of the craft activities she regularly makes from recycled materials and gives them away to  family and friends as presents. As you can see from the finished product we were amazed that this was made in less than half an hour from recycled bling,wood glue and some craft  wire.
Well Done Anne !!. We agreed in the future other members of the group would share their crafty skills with the group.


Friday, 16 August 2019

Green Harmony phase 1

A couple of weeks ago we signed an agreement with Riverside Housing to say that we are now the new lease-holders of the abandonned former Green Harmony community garden on Cullen Street. Since then we have been clearing it so that it can be reopened to the public as a shared space.

We then got in touch with our old pal Peter, who a couple of years ago was employed to look after the garden but, for a variety of reasons, could not complete the project. So now we have enlisted his help to get this garden back in shape and open the gates to the community once again.

Phase 1 is already progressing well and next week we will be ordering skips to complete site clearance.

Keep posted for more details.
The community garden in the abandonned state that Peter found it...
... and after Peter had spent several back-breaking hours restoring it