Friday, 9 June 2017

Working with the Everyman Theatre

On Friday 2 June, Alexandra took a group of local young people to the Everyman.  Here is her report....

Friday 2th of June we was invited by our partners from Everyman Theatre to watch a play and to introduce the drama to our young people. They will start 6 Drama workshop.

A story about love between two men. Breaking prejudice. Don't judge if you don't know

Was nice to see how the young people from Everyman Theatre are professional and they make a great work in that night with this play.
We want to thank them and to ensure that we will have a good collaboration this month with them. Hopefully in the end of this workshops we will be eble to have a performance and people to enjoy also our play.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Recycle Thursdays (Starting Thursday 8 June 2017)

We are setting up a clothing recycling project and would like your help.

From Thursday 8 June 2017 (10.30am - 3.00pm) and each following Thursday, we will be accepting clothing donations at our centre (129d Lodge Lane, L8 0QF)

So if you have clothes that you no longer want or your children have grown and you would like to help others, please drop them off.

In particular we would be grateful for donations of school uniforms, summer clothes and shoes for men, women and children in all sizes.

We would ask that the clothes you donate are clean and free from stains and rips.

Thanks for your help and support.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Learning at Work Week 2017

This week (15 - 21 May 2017) is Learning at Work Week.  One of our partners, Merseytravel are holding a Festival of Learning on Friday 19 May 2017, 11am - 4.00pm in the Museum of Liverpool, Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1DG.

There will be fun and learning for all ages with something for everyone!

Activities include:

• Learning information, advice and guidance

• Arts and crafts

• Thai Chi

• Digital inclusion

• Reading for pleasure

• and much, much more

Why not pop down and join in?

Monday, 15 May 2017

Knowledge is the best way for the integration

The last year was a year of knowledge for the Roma children. They have the opportunity to know about recycling, energy saving, about their history and culture.

In April we added to our list the Museum of Liverpool with all the great things that you can learn about Liverpool.

Was very exciting to take children for the first time to the museum and to show them a place full of knowledge and information. Some of the Roma children don’t know what a museum is and they think that we bring them to a church, zoo or a garden. It was the first step to know better your city that host you and want to be a part of it.

We have 4 educational session: Understanding Transatlantic Slavery, Liverpool home for home, Emigration, Liverpool Gateway to the world.


From all the group of children, Alice Radu (9 years) start to put a lot of questions about different topics that we spoke in the museum. She come from a family with 11 children. She is from a traditional Roma family but despite of this they understand that the education of their children is very important and all the children are in the school.

Alice receive a lot of good qualification in the school and we can see this also in our sessions from the museum. Was very interesting to hear that she say “From this moment Museum of Liverpool is my second home because I will come every day here to learn new thinks and to be able in my school to show that a Roma girl know many thinks about Liverpool and his history”. She really enjoyed with the group the museum workshops.

Was a good opportunity for the Roma children to bring them in another place outside from the school and the community. They behaved very nice and they come with a lot of new ideas how they can improve their knowledge's and to share all of the information with their parents. Alice tell us that she will come next time with her parents to the museum to show them what she learn and to be their guide.

With this beautiful thought we finish this sessions, that the children change the role with their parents and the children will show them the museum and all the things that they learn.

I would like to say a big personal thank-you to all the people who made these trips possible.

This includes:

- Staff at the museum;
- Bus company so that got as there;
- Volunteers that gave their time to make the trip possible and so enjoyable.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority Community Fund

We are one of twelve community groups from Merseyside and Halton to received a funding boost to help make the region a cleaner and greener place.

Graham Morgan, Chairperson of MRWA, said: “These projects can have a significant impact on their local community and make Merseyside and Halton a cleaner and greener place for us all to live and work. Giving groups the opportunity to get involved in looking after their environment can only bring benefits to all and can help us appreciate items as valuable resources rather than something which otherwise might be just thrown away.

“The projects really seem to understand the importance of resource efficiency and community education. We’re really looking forward to seeing what they achieve.”

The funding will help recycling and waste management projects and activities in the wards around GTDT on Lodge Lane including Picton, Princes Park and Greenbank as well as Kensington Fields and Riverside. The Trust will continue to work with MRWA to develop models of good practice within communities to create packages of support which promote good recycling practices and help to change people’s behaviour.