Monday, 13 August 2018

Oral Health- Roma Community

Last Thursday together with our partners Picton Children Centre, Age Concern Liverpool and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust we organise the second workshop about eating health and to keep your teeth clean. We start the workshop with questions from last workshop to see what they learned.  The children remember the key message that we want for them to remember and share with all the community. The storytelling was a good opportunity to involve them to see how a child need to have a healthy life style.
The yoghurt taster session was really well received. They all left with a smile on their face with their toothpaste and toothbrush.
See below how this project was possible.  

Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust & Granby Toxteth Development Trust
“ Following reports from the Liverpool City Council that there had been a poor uptake for baby immunisations, it had also been noted that there were indications of poor dental health within the Roma community on and around Cullen St. In order to establish need, Liverpool’s Dental Health Promotion Commissioner requested a review into the oral health status of the community.
The first port of call was to meet with the Granby Toxteth Development Trust (GTDT) who provided much valuable information and advice on current wider health issues and strategies on how to approach and address health inequalities within the Roma community.
Following subsequent meetings with staff at the local children centre, school and dental practice, it soon became evident that many individuals in particular the children, are experiencing dental disease and discomfort. A steering group was soon established in order to explore a possible intervention.
The group have met on several occasions with discussions culminating in an action plan to provide dental health education and promote the importance of visiting the dentist.
Several dental health intervention workshops have taken place within the heart of the community in Cullen Street and the partnership working has proved to be invaluable. Both Julie and Alexandra from the GT D Trust have been instrumental in providing a platform for the development of this community project. The momentum for oral health improvement continues to drive the processes needed to reduce oral health inequalities for this most vulnerable community group within the city of Liverpool.
I look forward to continuing  the partnership working between Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust and Granby Toxteth Development Trust and envisage positive community outcomes for the future. “
Helen Reynolds
Senior Dental Health Promotion Officer
Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust

Thank again for our partners that make possible this 2 workshop for the 50 Roma children.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Loving Millennium Green 2018

Only just over a week to go before this year's Loving Millennium Green.  Make sure you pop down and join in the fun!

Mental Health Session with Roma Men

We organise together with Liverpool Community Development Service a mental health session in Granby Toxteth Development Trust. The aim of the session is to raise mental health and wellbeing and explore what services available, this was a small session to see how it will be taken, because this the first session we have held to engage with men and young men with the Roma community.  The session went really well it was a relaxed session. The three services attended were, us as the Community Development service working with BME community around mental health equalities, also Dental health, Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison and Savera UK. Each services had 20 minutes to talk about what they do and how they work with the community.

The session was interactive and all participants were able to ask questions, nearly all of them did not speak English mostly relied on Alin the Community Engagement office for translation. There were 7 male and 2 women joined the group. The group found all services useful in particular the dental health, where some stated that they been to the dentist for treatment, but was told to pay even for the children care. Some also raised that they don’t where to go when not feeling well and stated that many of them are not register with GP and wasn’t aware how to register with a GP.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Tribute to Sheila at the Adult Learning Service

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I've been working with a group from Wheel Meet Again doing a spot of gardening down at the Granby Adult Learning Service. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know them and we have a real laugh every week!

So I was very honored to be invited to a celebration of the life of Sheila Lavelle, a Wheel Meet Again regular who sadly passed away last year. Although I never met Sheila she is very much missed by the gardening group, so they wanted to give her a fitting tribute.

We have planted a tree in Sheila's memory (a flamingo tree, which reflects her glamorous and flamboyant personality!) and some rose bushes which will look brilliant next year. These frame a lovely memorial plaque to Sheila which was unveiled at the event after a lovely poem was read in her honor. We then sat down for a bit of barbecue expertly overlooked by the ALS chefs!

It was a lovely afternoon and I know the gang at Wheel Meet Again are proud of the work they've put into the garden and Sheila's display.