Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Online learning support the whole family

We deliver for the Roma communities two courses, 'Roma History' course and 'Understanding Public Services'.  We were aware that it is difficult at this time when the children are at home the parents to have some free time to involve with us. With the help of the National Museums Liverpool we receive 20 craft packs for the Roma children.  It was a great opportunity to send to the families in these two courses to allow children to have their moments to be creative and do some craft.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Roma: Recycle-Reuse-Reimagine workshops

With the beginning of this week on Fridays we will host the workshops for 3 Roma families to encourage them to recycling and to be part of a national project.

Roma: Recycle-Reuse-Reimagine is a project that brings together Roma and non-Roma to work together to create a children’s book that can be shared with services and classrooms that are not culturally aware and sensitive of the Roma community. At the same time, young vulnerable Roma and their family members will come together in three facilitated workshops online and decorate recycling bins, discuss the environment and climate justice back home and now in the UK, and brainstorm the ideas/drawings for the children’s book. 

A big thank you for this collaboration to Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros.that is a professional dancer, Dance Historian and Critic, a Romani studies Scholar,  a Flamenco historian, sociologist, curator and peace activist.

Stepping forward to volunteer!

GTDT's community learning project has been an essential tool for so many, with the weekly virtual sessions, phone calls and contact time where all learners can gather together to learn new things, have a chin wag and make new friends.

The Gardening for All Seasons group have been an active bunch and although the course has now finished the group are still keeping in contact using the whatsapp group that they put together. They send tips to each other of where to pick up bargains for their gardens and send lovely words of encouragement to each other. 

What has really been an inspiration is that every member of the group have signed themselves up as a GTDT volunteer, as once lockdown is lifted they would like to join us to offer support to the community in any which way that they can. Some wish to volunteer on the many environmental projects we have in the pipeline, some wish to become teaching assistants when we go back to face-to-face based teaching and some wish to volunteer with the kids and youth projects.

If you wish to step forward and support GTDT in the work that we do in the community why not give us a call at GTDT on 0151 734 4925 and speak to either Erin or Nicola.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Celebrate International Mother Language Day

EMTAS-School Improvement Liverpool organize online events 8-12 February to celebrate mother language between storytelling.   Tomorrow GTDT was invited to share a Romanian story; below is the program and the registration link. Enjoy!

Thursday 11th February
'The Bear tricked by the Fox' by Ion Creanga will be shared in Romanian by Alexandra, Granby Toxteth Development Trust
Register in advance for this session:

'Poemes de les estacions de l’any' will be shared in Catalan by Juani Melero, MFL Team, School Improvement Liverpool
Register in advance for this session:

'Chinese New Year' Zi Lan from Pagoda Arts will be telling us all about Chinese New Year. This is suitable for children age 5 - 9 yrs. This will be delivered in English.
Register in advance for this session:

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Break the challenges with the distance learning

Between 15 December 2020 and 2 February 2021, we deliver an online course for the Roma people. We deliver the Understanding Public Services face-to-face with the learners in a classroom in the past.  The course aims to provide learners the opportunity to gain the knowledge and understanding of how to use and access a wide variety of public services.

Unfortunately, with all the COVID-19 situation, we needed to change from offline to online. For the online course, you need to have access to the internet and a suitable connected device (smartphone, tablet or computer), but we were aware that some of the Roma who register for this course not all of them could have all the materials to access an online course. With the support of  Good Things Foundation and DevicesDotNow, we were able to give away devices for some learners who were struggling to be able to come along with us in the online journey for the Understanding Public Services course.