Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Roma tradition/culture - REAP Session 3

To understand Roma tradition/culture and history and how it has impacted on educational aspirations.

Today in the third session we learnt about the Roma culture and traditions. The first part of the session was very positive because the families was able to join in, about their traditions.

In Roma families there are similarities but also a lot of diversity depending on what group of Roma you are. The Roma women discuss how it was in the past when their families don't let them to go to study because they were afraid be discriminated in the school or people to not be violent with them because they come from a Roma family from the country side and they need to go into a city to continue the college. Nowadays the parents realise that it was a mistake and they want for their children to continue their study to have "A DREAM".

In the second part of the session we make a little game to find the important facts from Roma History. Every family had a piece of paper in which was wrote (Migration, India, Roma Slavery, Abolition of Roma Slavery, Holocaust, Communism, Employability opportunity and Education opportunity). After we see in what period was happening we realise that our history was a Black History, without so many opportunities to do something with your life.

The Roma families realise right now that this period is beneficial for them and for their children to develop their skills, to continue their studies and to have the confidence that they can have a great career here in UK.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Do you know your identity? - REAP Session Two

Do you know your identity?

This was the main question in the second session from 2 October.

We have small group discussion about "What is for them identity and stereotype?" and how this affect their educational attainment.

In this session was great to see how the young Roma were open to discuss about how they are discriminated and how they can challenge this. They understand together with their parents that only if they will stay together and act in positive way they can fight against anti-gypsyism

One of our young people talks to us about how they have been bullied at school for speaking Romanian.

A group of our young people came up with a little role play to show what it is like speaking in Romanian when living in the UK and going to school here.

Raising Educational Aspirations Project (REAP) - Session One

On 25 September we start the first session of the course “Raising Educational Aspirations Project” for the Roma families.

The first session was an introduction of the project and to provide an understanding of their barriers to education and tools and knowledge to overcome them.

We will keep you updated about the sessions and what kind of activities we make and what information we share with the Roma families.

Autumn at Riverview

We partnered up with the guys from the Recycle Team at this month's Community Living Room down at Riverview.

We had a very interesting talk from Paul, looking at how trees in the past have been used on a every day basis. For example, oak trees during the 17th and 18th century were used  for ship building; parts of cherry trees and the silver birch were used for medicinal purposes i.e. a cure for pains relating to gall stones and stomach problems.

The group also had a opportunity to make a bird feeder with pine cones.

The next Community Living Room is on Tuesday 6 November 12.30pm prompt. All welcome. The activity next month will be Christmas card making with reusable materials.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Last day of gardening at the ALS

The leaves are falling from the trees which means the growing season is coming to an end. There was still plenty to do in the Granby Adult Learning Service garden with the Wheel Meet Again gang, though!

We planted up and caned some gladioli, which should continue to flower til next month or so.

This left room for us to plant some daffodils! These will stay asleep in their bulbs until the last frosts have passed at the beginning of next spring, at which point we should get a burst of marvelous gold.

Months of watering, feeding and pruning paid off and we finally saw some of the fruits of our labour. Decorative squashes, tomatoes ready for ripening and a whole host of herbs.

We're still seeing some lovely late entries in our wildflower patch, too, with poppies, Chinese asters and love-in-a-mist all making appearances. We're so proud we couldn't help posing by our little pollinator patch...