Friday, 16 November 2018

Summer eating clubs at GTDT and Riverview Development Trust

Over the summer GTDT and Riverview Development Trust held children's activities every day.

GTDT held a family breakfast club which included day trips and walks to the park and
Riverview Development Trust served lunches and trips to museums.

Here are a few of the delicious dishes that we created with the children. Rice krispie cakes are a great activity to make with your child, shop bought pizzas can be made delicious and healthy with  added veg and pasta is such an inexpensive family meal to make.

All The Lonely People

We have been working alongside  Riverview Development Trust to start up a project in their local area to recruit  local volunteers to become a neighbourhood watch for older people in the area . It could  range from picking up their daily paper ,dropping off their prescription or just knocking and having a chat. We started off the initiative by doing a letter drop  / door knock in the areas were there are a high percentage of older people.  We got a very positive response with people thinking it was a really good idea. What was inspiring is the number of individuals in  certain roads already looking after their elderly neighbours . As a result of the letter drop we had a cake and cuppa morning at Riverview were we had a number of people wanting to know more about  becoming a Riverview volunteer for all the lonely people. Will keep you updated on how the projects develops.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Tidying up the compost heap

There is a great compost heap at Park Hill Allotments where L8LS has a project plot which we work in parnership with the committee at the allotment site.

Because there's not a great deal growing at this time of year, it's the perfect time to get to grips with some other jobs around the allotment, such as getting a handle on an out-of-control compost heap!

Compost is decayed organic matter (such as spent plants, food scraps, grass clippings etc) that is mixed together until it rots down into a soil-like consistency. But making lovely, rich compost that can nourish our soil and provide our plants with the boost they need is a fine balance, and a busy growing period had left our heaps looking a little worse for wear!

But there's nothing a little elbow grease can't fix! Every Tuesday we've been down on the plot with a wheelbarrow and a couple of shovels and as the picture below shows, we're already making a dent...

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Everyman Theatre - REAP

The Everyman Theatre was able to involve themselves with the Roma youth and to make them act and enjoy the project and to be more confident. This is happening every Wednesday until December.

In two weeks' time we will start to go to the theatre and to rehearse the performance. YES! You read that correctly, to rehearse. Because in the past few weeks the young people came up with ideas for the performance and they have their own scenario to use in the performance.

Matt Rutter from the Evereyman Theatre says "We all are ready for the show in December that this group of Roma young people have a lot of things to say annd they have all of our support to put this into practice."

REAP Session 7 @ KCLC

"Is he your friend?" or "Are you sure that you are Roma?" These were the main questions in the session after the Roma families viewed the videos about Roma students or Roma doctors. The session was a motivational session where they saw examples of what success, ambition, aspirations, families support and assuming Roma identity.

The young people were proud to say that they had the support of their parents to be professionals and the parents realized that this can happen also for their children if they will continue with their studies.

We also did an experiment. We showed that if we go online on Youtube and search the words "Roma students in UK" 99% of the videos we founds were negative videos and news about Roma people in the UK. This is why now is the time for the young Roma people to change this. After years we have Roma students in UK and they will be able to share positive videos about their experience to be a Roma student in UK.