Thursday, 30 July 2020

COVID-19 Cases in Princes Park Ward

There has been an increase in coronavirus cases in the Princes Park area amongst all age groups. 

Advice is now being given to people living in the area about reducing the risks of spreading the illness.

Director of Public Health, Matt Ashton, said: “You, your family and friends may feel fine but without realising it, members of the community including young people could be spreading Coronavirus. We all need to do our bit to ensure the people we love and care about don’t catch the virus, become very ill, or die. Stopping the spread of the virus also ensures that Liverpool doesn’t have to put in place a local lockdown.”

To help get life back to normal as soon as possible, people are being asked to do their bit and follow these simple steps:
  • Wash their hands regularly
  • Avoid crowds and importantly socially distance when mixing with people from other households - this includes not having family gatherings in people’s homes
  • Keep 2 metres apart where possible when out and about
  • Wear face coverings on public transport and in shops, and when you can’t keep 2 metres apart.
For Muslim communities celebrating Eid, here is some extra guidance:
  • Time: Allow enough time between congregations and keep khutbahs short
  • No hugs: Give Salaam or Eid greetings without hugging or shaking hands
  • Gatherings: If you are meeting other families, keep the numbers to a minimum and meet outdoors
Crucially, stay at home if you have symptoms, don’t mix with other people and get tested. Symptoms include any of the following: a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of, or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Everyone with symptoms, regardless of immigration status can book a free test at,  or call a new dedicated phone number 119. It’s really quick and easy to do, but remember only to leave the house to get this test.

Growing Friendships During Lockdown

I'm certainly going to be missing our Thursday get togethers on Zoom with the lovely ladies from the Online Growing Group.

For the past 6 weeks we got together online using Zoom to learn some new things about gardening.

The group all started out as strangers and before long they where sharing tips and ideas with one and another. They ate cake and had a cuppa together whilst having a bit of a giggle, and generally lifted each others spirits and now as the class has ended, the lovely ladies have set up their own growing group where they will be able to learn, share and continue their friendship together.

Well done ladies, what a fantastic group you have been!

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Mandela67 project

This time last year GTDT was working alongside the Mandela67 project making barrel gardens to go into local schools to celebrate Nelson Mandela's fight for social justice.

Now one year on, we are using this day to recognise the pain and suffering our communities are going through and to also recognise the work community organisations, staff and volunteers have done during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here at GTDT from the start of lockdown we distubuted many food parcels to local vunerable and shielding residents, we opened our door to a number of new volunteers (socially distancing of course), we recruited 2 new members of staff to help us support the work that we where doing, we worked in partnership with many other local organisations and tomorrow we will be doing a 67minute litterpick down in the Riverside ward with the local councillors to honour one minute of  Nelson Mandelas years he dedicated to public services.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Mandela 67- Volunteering

As part of Mandela 67 were are celebrating all the wonderful work which has been carried out by our volunteers in supporting the community through this pandemic. Besides the work of our volunteers of keeping in touch with our extremely vulnerable residents through a weekly phone call (Talking Tuesdays) delivering food bags on a weekly basis (Volunteering at Riverview Development Trust) we have been sorting and sharing pre-loved clothes with our partners through Liverpool City Council who are working with a number of new asylum families to the local area.

A big thank you to Norma our volunteer who tirelessly goes through our stockpile of pre loved clothes and takes on the role of a personal shopper to these families to make them feel valued at a very uncertain and difficult times for these families. Without the dedication and support of our volunteers we would have not be able to deliver all the above activities to the L8 community. Thanks to all our volunteers for a such a team effort.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Volunteering at Riverview Development Trust

Before the food and hygiene bags are delivered each week they have to be bagged up with all the individual items. This is a mammoth time consuming task. We certainly wouldn't be able to deliver over seventy five hygiene and food bags  to the Riverside area without the support of a band of local volunteers who turn up each week to tackle the task in hand. Megan one of the volunteers shared with us "It is a very rewarding experience to see all the help the community are receiving from all the different local partners.Am thoroughly enjoying the experience of giving some thing back ,making new friends and helping shielded and isolated households during this pandemic "