Friday, 11 September 2020

Fareshare - Riverside

As the children start going back to school and communities try and adjust to the new normal, we are still delivering over fifty food parcels to the vulnerable and isolated members of the community in Riverside. By still doing deliveries we have the opportunity to speak to families and signpost and reassure them during this ever changing environment and anxious times.


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Mobile Library

Another activity besides our weekly phone calls we have developed as part of keeping in touch with our community groups in Riverside has been the setting up of a COVID safe mobile library. Our Tuesday group at Riverview are all avid readers. Their range of genre includes crime, romance and thrillers. When we visit it also gives our readers a chance to pass on birthday cards and gifts to other members of the group . 

Doreen - "What a great idea of keeping in touch with our friends from the Riverview Community Living Room. We have always swapped books but since lock down and most of us shielding we haven't been able to."

June - "I have been reading a book a day while I have been shielding and these books have been a life line. I also love the visit from yourselves. I look forward to them so much."


Friday, 4 September 2020

GTDT's Walking Group

GTDT was thinking about starting a local walking group early this year but due to the lockdown this was impossible to do.

Now GTDT have started their walking programme, which is aimed to help people transition from isolation and shielding to some type of normality.

For this reason our walking groups are small, only 6 community members per session, this way we can remain socially distancing but are still able to meet new friends and have a natter.

If you would like to get involved with these small , friendly walking groups then please email for more details.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

GTDT's Clothes Rail visits the Phoenix Foundation

On Monday 17 August 2020, GTDT held its first Clothes Rail event at the newly opened Phoenix Foundation, based in Duke Street, Liverpool city centre.  

Due to the Covid pandemic, both GTDT and the Phoenix Foundation exercised high levels of safety, which included having our temperature taken on arrival, the wearing of face masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing were all put in place for everybody's safety.

GTDT donated some much needed clothing, shoes, toiletries, books and some food to the residents of the hostel.

The Phoenix Foundation is a men only hostel and at full capacity can support 25 residents, in doing so it takes 25 homeless men off the streets of Liverpool.  The staff and residents were very happy to have GTDT's support and Jane, one of the support workers said "we are so very grateful for your kind donations".

I was quite touched to learn that The Phoenix Foundation run an outreach service 2 evenings a week to support other homeless people that are still living on the streets, and even have an onsite vet "Paws for the Poor" to help look after and treat any pet that may belong to either the residents of the Phoenix Foundation or those less fortunate still living on the streets.

Watch this space for updates as GTDT have arranged another event in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

The Power of Communication

GTDT have continued to deliver courses to hundreds of learners during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of which was a 6 week online British Sign Language for Beginners course.
Sign language is a way for the hearing impaired to communicate with most people. When you sign you not only express the words, but your body language and feelings too. Benefits of sign language include improving your peripheral vision and reaction time but more importantly allows you to improve and emphasise the way you communicate.

This course provided all of our learners with a CPD Certified Certificate as well as in some instances introduced learners to a new culture and community. One of our learners enrolled as she has a niece who is deaf and she wishes to be able to communicate with her. Another learner wanted to secure a job as a Teaching Assistant within a Special Educational needs setting so felt that this qualification would enhance her CV to land her dream job.

One learner Shaun used to work with someone who was deaf and was never able to fully communicate with them. He has also recently found out that he is slowly losing his hearing so he decided to enrol on the course to learn skills and knowledge around British Sign Language.

Shaun really enjoyed the course, when we were talking to him during his last week on the course he said "I really enjoyed being on this course, especially because it was online so it gave me the flexibility to complete it on the days and times that suited me. It was a lot of information to take in and I advise anybody who is considering taking the course to take their time and go over each section a few times before taking the assessment. I have not undertaken any educational courses for many years so I am proud to have finished this course and have received my certificate. I plan to continue learning sign language and am now open to taking other educational courses too."