The Quality Policy of Granby Toxteth Development Trust is based on the commitment by the board of directors and members of staff to strive continually for excellence by fully meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders in everything we do.

The Quality System has been designed to explain the overall quality intentions of the company in more detail and to demonstrate conformity with the quality standards which apply to the business, as well as laying the foundations for any future registration under ISO 9001:2000 or other applicable standards. Where there is a customer requirement that work should be delivered in accordance with a particular standard this will be done, including registration or accreditation where necessary.

This System is supported by an integrated management system which is documented on the company’s intranet and implemented to achieve the policy objectives. All directors, employees and associates are required to work in accordance with the management system.

Fundamental to this policy is the commitment by all those concerned continually to seek ways of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. Every employee, volunteer and director is actively encouraged to make suggestions for improvement to the documented management system.

Standards Development

The company’s progress to date includes:
  • Our financial records are subject to annual external audit by an independent auditor in accordance with the Companies Act 1985.
  • The Information, Advice and Guidance which we provide under our Community Learning activities are accredited to the MATRIX standard.
  • GTDT has been subject to the OFSTED inspection process through its funded project delivered through the Liverpool Adult Learning Service. The most recent inspection score was Good and GTDT contributed to the overall inspection report.
  • We regularly undertake Self Assessment of our learning programmes and courses using the Liverpool Adult Learning Service’s Self Assessment Report and have integrated this standard into our own learning quality standards. GTDT develops an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which is reviewed and updated quarterly.
  • GTDT includes Monitoring and Evaluation in all of its projects. The impact of project actions is assessed against the original project plan and outcomes are determined. Demonstration of impact is the final evidence of quality of delivery.