Grantox Charitable Trust

Grantox Charitable Trust Limited is a sister company to GTDT. Although it is legally separate, it works with GTDT and the two companies help each other to raise funds and deliver projects. The two companies operate to identical policies and management procedures. In legal terms, GTDT and Grantox are 'under common control'.

You can contact Grantox the same way that you contact GTDT.

This is a common model in the not-for-profit sector. There are certain 'commercial' activities which a charity (like Grantox) is not permitted to carry out. These non-charitable - but worthwhile - activities can be better delivered by a separate not-for-profit company (like GTDT).

At the moment, Grantox and GTDT mostly work together on Young People and Healthy Living projects. Grantox also leads on community outreach, especially engaging with so-called hard to reach people, who then often volunteer on both GTDT's and Grantox's projects.

Apart from its legal status as a registered charity, you won’t see any difference. Most of the people who work or volunteer at Grantox are also familiar faces around GTDT. Grantox has access to rent-free space at GTDT's centre on Lodge Lane where GTDT also provides IT and telecommunications support and a reception service. GTDT gives all these things to Grantox at no charge as in-kind support. This means that Grantox has virtually no overheade costs so that any money it raises is spent on direct project delivery.

Grantox Charitable Trust Limited is a registered charity with liability limited by guarantee.

The company is registered in England and Wales and the company number is 3085664. The registered office is situated at
129d Lodge Lane
L8 0QF.

The registered charity number is 1048763.